Saturday, September 24, 2011

A new look for Blogger by Google.

A new look for Blogger by Google.

Google is presenting us 5 new ways to view blog posts on Blogger, in an attempt to make Blogger more intersting for us and was the time to change the old typical way people consume content on the web to a new one.

You can discover new viewing options if you type "view" at the end of a blog's URL. The new look alter the entire experience of reading a blog, and this is not like traditional blog skins.

This changes are made only about modernizing the UI and really revolutionazing the blog consumptions experiences. Blogs should be utilizing the full power of the modern web, especially HTML5, AJAX and CSS3 technology that has made website more dynamic in the recent years.

Below you will see the five Views that harness the power of new web standards:

1- Flipcard: This visual view places square photos side by side in neat little rows. When you get your mouse to the photo you can see the name of the post, the date it was published and the number of comments it has.

2- Mosaic: This options takes the photo related to each blog post and turns them into a visual experience, a mosaic of photography.

3- Snapshot: This turns blog photos into a Polaroid-esque scrapbook with the number of comments and the tittle of the blog.

4- Sidebar: Create a leht hand menu bar with all of the blog's article as well as their comment counts. Clicking on a tittle opend the article to the right.

5- Timeslide: This is a three column layout that displays recent posts.

While Blogger is still one of the world’s largest blog networks, WordPress garner far more attention and have been more active launching new features and with new innovations. Google hasn’t made Blogger a priority in years, but the service is getting a major overhaul in 2011. These views are the first of many new features the company hopes will make Blogger the center of the blogging universe once again.
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Al said...

I love the new look and features. I just hope this makes white label SEO easier for my blog.

seo perth said...

It's great that they decided to implement these changes. Blogging has gone a long way from the traditional pure text format.

Maia Dobson said...

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Steve Charlton said...

Yeah looks good. It is indeed time for an overhaul if they want to keep up. But honestly, there are still far more people using WordPress for their local seo services.

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