Saturday, June 18, 2011 you can shorten your links and earn money

These days every website has a twitter account or facebook fanpage. Thats why i use!
With you can shorten your links and earn money. First of all you will need to make an account. Once you have made your account all you do is shorten the link you want to send your fans to. Then when a visitor goes on that link you get paid. Its as simple as that!

The minimum pay out is just $5 and you can be paid with paypal. There is also another side to, if you want to advertise your site you can get 10,000 visitors for just $4! These visitors are real human traffic. Using is a great way to increase your websites earnings at a low cost and its great for websites to earn money by sharing links.

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Al said...

This sounds like a great opportunity, specially for those who love posting on social media sites, anyway. I'll give this a try, and invest what I earn in binary options trading.

Anonymous said...



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